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About us

About us

Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o. (‘ARM’) is an independent company specializing in consultancy, training and software development in the field of financial risk management. Established in 1999, ARM primarily provides services to the Czech, Slovak and Slovenian markets as well as other countries in Central Europe.

ARM provides its clients with an expert approach to the identification, measurement, management, methodology and control of financial risks. Therefore, the company is able to deliver specific and global financial management solutions to its customers. Clients of ARM are both financial and non-financial institutions. Experience has shown that businesses across all industry sectors incur risks intentionally or unintentionally and that there is always room for improvement.

In addition to the provision of expert consultancy and training, ARM has developed its own software solutions for automating tasks in the areas of credit, market, operational and liquidity risk. Based on the requirements of its own clients, ARM also develops customized software applications.

In the process of project implementation ARM uses its own know-how and the skills of its highly qualified employees – namely analysts, consultants and expert software developers. As a complementary function, ARM uses external experts from Czech universities and cooperates with selected foreign software and consultancy companies. ARM also lectures at conferences organized by recognized institutions.