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Functional specification

Functional specification

Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o., offers its clients, in addition to consultancy, trainings and software development, also methodological support in the development of specialized applications and software for financial and risk management.


ARM offers cooperation in the preparation of functional specification and expert support during both the development and implementation of specialized software. The cooperation can include in particular:

  • analytical support during the initial stages of the project (specification of software requirements);
  • support in the preparation of the software assignment/functional specification with regard to the specifics of the client’s risk and finance management process;
  • review of the functional specification (especially assessment of the comprehensibility of the documentation for third parties, identification of possible logical inconsistencies and errors, evaluation of consistency through documents);
  • preparation of test scenarios based on software assignment/functional specification;
  • support in defining the code lists used in the software tool;
  • other related support based on the client’s ad-hoc requirements (e. g. preparation of other related documents for suppliers and meeting specific client’s requirements).


Based on our experience we can help design IT solutions so that they:

  • correspond to the purpose for which they are developed/required;
  • work efficiently, i. e. flexibly, quickly and user friendly;
  • are better controlled and developed faster due to clear and comprehensible requirements.


  • ad-hoc consultations in the form of workshops;
  • revision of existing documents;
  • preparation of new documents required by the client;
  • ongoing expert support in project management.