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Customized financial software

Customized development of financial software

Starting from a certain company size, it makes sense for a company to automate selected processes using specialized financial software. We offer companies our support in:
  • formulating software requirements (functional specifications)
  • assistance in selecting financial software
  • creation of customized financial software
At Advanced Risk Management we develop our own software solutions and software, customized to our clients’ needs. Software development and implementation is performed in close cooperation with the client.

For customized software development, ARM usually provides the following services:
  • we provide expert support and consultation in formulating the client’s software functionality requirements
  • we assess the implementabilty and completeness of requested functionalities
  • we create the software specifications
  • the client approves the software specifications
  • we develop the software on the basis of software specifications
  • the client can test the individual functionalities of the software – i.e., related software functionalities are tested in a way that is as little time-consuming for the client as possible
  • the client accepts the software
  • we offer to the client a contractual agreement for software maintenance and support

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