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Seminar application IRRBB Audit Bank Strategy Management Course Banking Regulations in a Nutshell Basel II CRD IV: Basel III Implementation in the EU CCR and CVA Securities and Derivatives Controlling in Practice Control for Financial Institutions Credit Scoring CRR 3 / CRD 6 and Other News in Banking Regulation CRR 3 / CRD 6 in Detail CVA (Credit Valuation Adjustment) Impacts of Climate Change and their Solutions Effective Reporting ESG and Green Finance ESG Risks and their Audit Finance for Non-Financial Managers Financial Derivatives Financial Mathematics Fraud Management in Today's On-line World Fundamental Review of Trading Book Guidelines on Loan Origination and Monitoring ICAAP, ILAAP, Pilar 2 and Stress Testing IFRS 9 – Impairments under the New Standard IRB in Practice Internal Rating Based (IRB) Approach Commodity Derivatives Credit Derivatives Credit Value at Risk Creation of the Qualitative Future Scenarios GHG Emissions Measurement and Carbon Footprint Calculation Environmental Risk Measurement in Financial Institutions Credit Risk Measurement Model Risk Non-Financial Reporting According to CSRD, ESRS and GAR Option Pricing Operational Risk Operational Risk in Practice Preparation for SREP alias Supervision in Practice Rating and Scoring Risk-Based Pricing Concentration risk Liquidity Risk Weather Risk Risk appetite Assets and Liabilities Management - ALM ESG Risk Management: Executive Summary Financial Risks Management Credit Risk Management Project Risk Management Enterprise Risk Management – ERM Securitization Silicon Valley Bank Solvency II: Executive Summary Stress Testing Market Risk Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book – IRRBB Value at Risk Workout in Banking Practice (non-retail) Rise and fall of Lehman Brothers


Open seminars run in Czech language

Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o. organizes specialized seminars prepared with the participation of its experts. Therefore, the seminars reflect the expertise and knowledge acquired during consultancy and software projects. Seminars include a number of case studies and calculation examples to teach participants how to apply their knowledge in practice.

We offer seminars categorized into the following theme groups:


Controlling and Finance

Financial Derivatives





in the form of:
  • open seminars
  • in-house seminars - customized seminars
  • coaching - very intensive form of education with a limited number of participants
  • e-learning - electronic courses, taken by the participant alone without the presence of a lecturer on a time schedule. Participant can choose time/place which is the most convenient for him/her. This form of training is prepared as a customized order.

Open seminars (run in Czech language)

An interactive approach to learning that is more than a mere presentation of information. The courses include numerous case studies and examples of calculations. Participants learn to apply internationally acknowledged approaches to financial and risk management.

Seminar Term                           
Enterprise Risk Management 26. 1. 2024 PDF  
ICAAP, ILAAP, Pilar 2 and Stress Testing 20. - 21. 2. 2024 PDF  
ESG and Green Finance 29. 2. 2024 PDF  
CRR 3 / CRD 6 in Detail 19. 3. 2024 PDF  
Fraud management in today's on-line world 20. 3. 2024 PDF  
Non-Financial Reporting According to CSRD, ESRS and GAR 10. 4. 2024 PDF Registration
Interest rate risk in the banking book – IRRBB 23. 4. 2024 PDF Registration
Banking Regulations in a Nutshell 29. 5. 2024 PDF Registration
Creation of the Qualitative Future Scenarios 11. 6. 2024 PDF Registration
GHG Emissions Measurement and Carbon Footprint Calculation 12. 6. 2024 PDF Registration
Model Risk 12. 9. 2024 PDF Registration
Impacts of Climate Change and their Solutions 17. - 18. 9. 2024 PDF Registration
CRR 3 / CRD 6 in Detail 1. 10. 2024 PDF Registration
Assets and Liabilities Management - ALM 10. 10. 2024 PDF Registration
Market Risk 5. - 6. 11. 2024 PDF Registration


In-house seminars

We will prepare in-house seminars tailored to your company. Based on your requirements, we will choose the topic of the training and its content so that it fully meets your needs. During the in-house seminar, we will address specific issues of your company and the level of the seminar will correspond to the knowledge of the participants.

According to your preferences, the in-house seminar can be organized both in your premises and in the premises of our company. The date of the seminar will be set up according to your requirements as well.

If you prefer online education, we are also ready to prepare an interactive webinar for you.

Flexibility in the form of the delivered seminar, choice of the number of participants, place, date and content of the seminar will allow you to choose an effective and economical way of educating your employees.