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Green Finance and ESG Risks [in Czech]


Objectives of the Seminar

This seminar will help you to understand what the concept of green finance and ESG (environmental, social and governance) risks means and how it is defined by societal demand and the emerging system of regulations and requirements. 
Green Finance and ESG risks are one of the EBA's priorities for the coming years. We therefore bring you an information-rich overview, which will discuss, among other things, the implications for companies in general as well as for banks directly, including the incorporation into capital requirements and reporting obligations. We will also help you navigate the related regulatory documents. Finally, we will review different perspectives on (un)green investment decision-making and approaches to incorporating ESG risks into corporate strategy.

For whom it is intended

The seminar is designed especially for managers and specialists responsible for risk management and compliance, whether ESG risks are their responsibility or only affect their organisation. However, it will also provide interesting insights for internal auditors, or product and business managers of the Corporate segment and of course for everyone who is involved in these areas.


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8. 9. 2022
Jinonická 80, Praha 5
9900 CZK + DPH


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