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GHG Emissions Measurement and Carbon Footprint Calculation [in Czech]


Objectives of the seminar

The aim of the seminar is to introduce participants to the practical aspects of measuring the magnitude of greenhouse gas emissions using real examples.

The introductory part of the seminar focuses on the background and assumptions for GHG measurement, including the definition of the legislative requirements and the standards used. We will then introduce the procedures for measuring GHG emissions under the different scopes. Finally, participants will learn how and in which areas information on their own and clients’ GHG emissions can be used.

For whom it is intended

This seminar is intended for all companies that need to measure and calculate their carbon footprint. It is particularly intended for staff from sustainability and ESG risk management departments who are involved in measuring and monitoring environmental indicators. The seminar is also beneficial for internal auditors and staff of large companies that calculate their own carbon footprint.


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9. 10. 2024
Jinonická 80, Praha 5
10990 CZK + DPH


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