Smart About Risk


Advanced Risk Management provides financial as well as non-financial companies with services in the area of software development and data processing. These services are a natural addition to our systems for managing finances and financial risks, and facilitate their technical implementation. 

We offer solutions in the following areas:

Financial Risk Management

  • CADCalc® Market - software for keeping track of trades, liquidity and market risk management
  • CADCalc® Credit - software for portfolio credit risk management
  • OptiDep - software for optimizing deposits of available funds
  • SWORM® - software for operational risk management

Cost Calculations

  • Standard Costing - software for cost calculations, controlling and planning
  • TIMo - software for recording time spent on projects and for cost calculations

Customized Financial software


Description of services and benefits

Mainly benefit:
  • Rapid implementation including expert support in terms of data completeness and integrity
  • Support in the area of compatibility with currently used software
  • Configuration of software output so that it will correspond with the client’s current conventions
  • Excellent quality of maintenance and software support
For customized software:
  • expert support and consultation during the process of formulating software functionality requirements
  • software specification including assessment of logical links and completeness of required functionalities