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Automation of decision making

Automation of decision making

Do you or your employees made certain decisions on a recurring basis?
Do your recurring decisions have to be made by a specialist?
Do you want to make effective decisions in a short period of time?

Many companies let their employees spent a lot of time on making recurring standardised decisions. Your company can adopt a better approach … Advanced Risk Management, s. r. o. will help you with the automation of decision making.

Support of decision making

will help you in the following areas e. g.:

  • Provision of goods or services on invoice
  • Demand acceptance
  • Need to order semi-finished products or raw materials
  • Performing maintenance of the machine or production line
  • Requesting advance payment
  • Providing employees with superior benefits
  • Providing special offer
  • Providing discount
  • Sales of receivables

Automation of decision making brings benefits

  • Always timely decision
  • Cost savings on employees
  • Time savings
  • Positive return on investments within one year
  • Enough capacity for nonstandardized cases

How does it work?

 Identification of availability and type of underlying information to design a decision-making tool

 Description of how decisions are made in the respective task. Determine the form of expected output and required parameters

 Creation an automated algorithm based on past decisions and ARM’s know-how

Creation and calibration of the tool on test data



  • Tools for regular decision making in a large number of similar situations
  • Algorithm to be implemented into internal system of the client