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Project risks

Project risks

Success rate of realized projects is usually assessed based on following criteria: fulfillment of set goals, planned costs and deadlines. In order to fulfill these criteria, it is necessary also to address project risks in all of its phases. It is appropriate to identify, measure and if possible also to manage these risks, because exactly these risks endanger the success rate of fulfillment of required criteria.

Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o., has years of experience with management of projects and project risks. It utilizes its know-how from the risk management area during realization of own projects and of projects of its clients. It offers its services mainly in following areas:

In the area of project risk, we also offer specialized trainings in the form of both open and in-house seminars.
For effective project management, you can use the software tool TIMo.


We offer mainly following services

Methodological assistance in the project risk management area

  • Creation/validation of methodology for identification, quantification and management of project risks.
  • Integration of project risk management into current project management methodology.
  • Setting up rights and responsibilities for project managers, project team members and managing authorities in the project risk management.
  • Creation of risk catalogue, including its consultation with individual departments/divisions.
  • Revision of project risk catalogue and suggesting its adjustments.
  • Setting/revision of reporting of risks undertaken in individual projects.
  • Training of employees in the area of suggested methodology.

Assistance during risk management for a specific project

  • Identification and quantification of risks implied by a specific project in preparation or realization phase.
  • Assistance during design/realization of measures leading to reduction of undertaken risks.
  • Continuous risk assessment and suggesting measures for risk management.