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Managerial reporting

Managerial reporting

Most of the managers encounter reports on a daily basis. Reports are an important tool for decision making, not only for executive employees. However, each level of management needs a different level of detail. How should the report be prepared so that it includes all information relevant to given manager and remains concise and clear?

Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o., would like to offer you consulting services in the area of preparation of managerial reporting focused on finance, financial risks, sales and production.

ARM offers their services in following areas:

Reports designed and created by ARM fulfill especially following criteria:

  • comparability of type-identical entries across whole organizational structure/group of companies;
  • comprehensibility of individual reports for their users;
  • reporting consistency in time;
  • compliance of individual and aggregated view.
In the area of managerial reporting, we are also offering the workshop Effective reporting.


We offer mainly following services

Creation of managerial reporting

  • Designing and creation of reporting structure for various management levels with different level of detail, i.e. designing a template for individual reports including its graphical form.
  • Creation of methodology for regular report creation in given area for individual management levels.
  • Determining responsibilities during report creation and various monitoring mechanisms.
  • Technical implementation of report preparation on client’s data base.

Revision of current managerial reporting system

  • Revision of current reporting includes unification of report format, simplification and clarification of reports and identification and removal of duplicities and ambiguities in reports.
  • Validation of methodology for report creation.
  • Verification of report monitoring mechanisms.