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Reducing of defective production

Reducing of defective production

The final results of production quality are influenced by various factors – machine settings, tools setting and fixtures/jigs design, input material/semi finish product quality, environmental suitability, final quality, method and frequency of maintenance, human factors, etc. Advanced Risk Management, s. r. o. offers services to reduce defective production, scrap and rework in production. 


  • Identification of machine settings that cause errors
  • Finding the relationship between input machine setting and scrap/rework
  • Identification of factors contributing to defective production and quantification of their weight
  • Identification of correct machine settings to reduce scrap and rework
  • Designing an optimal ratio between the level of defective production and the complexity of production factors
  • Introducing additional measures, taking into account costs and benefits arising from the reduction of scrap and rework 

Analyzed data

  • Setting within the set-up phase and operation phase
  • Maintenance information – setting, frequency, new machine setting, calibration etc.
  • Information about material or semi-finished product
  • Impact of other factors (humidity, voltage fluctuations etc.)