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Liquidity Risk

Liquidity Risk

The seminar Liquidity Risk is organized as an open seminar for employees from different institutions and also as an in-house seminar organized for employees of clients with tailor made requirements.

Objectives of the seminar

To be able to meet all financial obligations when they become due, your company must monitor its levels of liquidity. This seminar is focused on relevant issues connected with measuring and influencing liquidity risk. You will be informed about the methods of measuring liquidity risk and the procedures and instruments used in its management. We will further address liquidity risk from the point of view of the financial crisis, including regulatory approaches.

For whom it is intended

This seminar was designed for members of financial, strategy and business development departments and investment decision makers.


Seminar content

  1. Liquidity risk
  2. Measuring liquidity risk
  3. Instruments of liquidity risk management
  4. Liquidity risk management and used procedures
  5. Liquidity risk from the point of view of the financial and economic crisis
  6. Liquidity risk within Basel II and Basel III
Currently no open seminar is organized. If you are interested in this topic please contact us and we will be delighted to prepare an in-house seminar for you.



In addition to expert seminars, Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o. offers consultancy services in the area of Liquidity Risk.

Our company also developed specialized software CADCalc® Market for professional management of liquidity, market risk and valuation.