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Effective reporting

Efficient Reporting

Objectives of the workshop

The objective of the workshop is to enhance the knowledge of experts of any company in the area of reporting - mainly from the point of view of the practical application and contribution to the improvement of reporting within that company.

For whom it is intended

The workshop is intended for both compilers and users of reports in a given company. Attendance by both groups ensures very high interactivity and efficiency of this workshop.  


Seminar content

During the workshop participants will answer these basic questions:

  • What is the current format of reporting of their company?
  • Are changes necessary? What specifically and how?

The first part of the workshop is focused on the basic principles of reporting.

In the second part, participants will try to work with specific reports generated by their company.

The third part addresses practical conclusions resulting from the above.

In case of your interest in the simulation course please feel free to contact us.


In addition to the workshop Efficient Reporting our company also offers seminar on Control for Financial Institutions.