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Commodity Derivatives

Commodity Derivatives

The seminar Commodity Derivatives is organized as an open seminar for employees from different institutions and also as an in-house seminar organized for employees of clients with tailor made requirements.

Objectives of the seminar

The main purpose of the seminar is to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the commodities market, i.e. the relationship between supply and demand and inform them of commodities trading through various types of commodity derivatives. Participants are informed about the rules of commodities trading, about risks connected with trading and about valuation methods.

For whom it is intended

The seminar should be attended mainly by managers from financial departments, risk managers and individuals who are interested in trading commodities.


Content of the seminar

  1. Introduction to financial instruments
  2. The most important commodities, their characteristics and use
  3. Commodity derivatives
  4. Types of commodity derivatives
  5. Overview of organized markets and types of contracts traded on those markets
  6. Rules of trading and settlement 
  7. Risks connected with commodity derivatives
  8. Comparison of commodity derivatives
  9. Valuation of commodity derivatives
Currently no open seminar is organized. If you are interested in this topic please contact us and we will be delighted to prepare an in-house seminar for you.


In addition to the seminar Commodity Derivatives our company also offers seminars on Credit Derivatives and Financial Derivatives.